dis is mrs. reed from america her hoosband and child dyed during becuz of an airplane crash (tnx obama) den 1 day she herd a bby crying near da trash can...

at ferst i thot it was a cat making a cat sound but it wuz actualey a bby sound

say mrs. reed

i saw a cring bby wid a  weird disees and i tuk care of it so dat sumday i will be aprciated 4 my work and show up on tv lolololol!1!0!  


i cant belive dat some1 wud throw away such a cute bby i will adopt dis bby becuz my 1 and only 1 died from a plane crash

during her interview every1 who was listening burst into tears even the reporter did

pls. share dis 2 other ppl so dey can c it 2

if u ignore u go 2 hell

1 liek = 1 respuct 

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