The  story of Moshi Monsters begins way back in

2000. Earth was at it's worst, Global Warming, Oil Spills and mass Animal extinction were taking their toll on Humanity World-Wide. Scientists feared the worst fo

r Earth, by 2050 most of what was once known as cities like New York, London, Sydney were now Radioactive wastelands. People where now under the control of Lord Michae

l Acton Smiteyouinthebutt, he wanted to create an new world so he restarted Earth's timeline and dates. Lord Michael Acton Smiteyouinthebutt built a giant terraform

ing device that changed the wasteland of a world into a complete candyland. The only known Mineral underneath the surface

of what now is called "Moshi" is Rox. It turns out that the Homo-Sapien is actually allergic to "Rox" and had to evolve. This is when we saw the first traces of the Furi'

, the closet thing in Moshi Monsters to Humans. Some of them tell stories from long-ago when the world was differe

nt such as Elder Furi who tells confused stories about some Custard Flood. But is it really a cover-up for something deeper and evil? We will never know. 

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