Follow what the texts says

Go to 1. if you do sayings litarally or go to 2. if you don't

1.Go to someone and ask can i walk in your shoes if he says yes go to 3. if he doesn't try someone else

2.Go get a gang of Benneths and Unicorns if succeded go to 4. if not bad luck your not a robber

3.When you have finished you should know his bank account like the saying "you will know a man when you walk in his shoes" go to 5. but if not bad luck your stuffed

4.Go rob a bank by getting the cute unicorns to destract the bank peoples and stuff and the benneths to just be cool and have a cup of tea if you did it your a robber if not bwaa bwaa bwaaaaaa the PO PO HAVE CAUGHT YOU.

5.get the money and make sure the guy is rich and don't spend it all at once. Last but not least ALWAYS AAALLLWWWAAAYYYSSS HAVE A GIRAFFE BY YOUR SIDE if not, i'm gonna get you and tickle you :O YOU DON'T WANT THAT

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